Top Tips To Save On Catering Service

To cater or not to cater? This is most probably one of the recurring questions you have at the back of your mind once you start thinking about hosting a dinner for Christmas. While some people would instantly assume that DIY dinners will be cheaper, such will not always be the case, especially if you lack experience. You can end up just buying anything or cooking more than what is actually required. Instead, hiring Christmas catering servicecan be a better idea. Caterers are knowledgeable professionals and they specialize in working within the means of the clients. In this article, you will know some of the things you can do to make the holiday dinner cheaper, even if you decide to hire a caterer.

Research and Evaluate the Alternatives
One of the first things you should do is research about the possible choices when it comes to caterers in your areas. Read online reviews and ask around from people you know. This will be an opportunity for you to know how much a specific caterer charges and will let you determine whether it is fitted for your budget or not. You should never just have one choice. Have at least three caterers on your list and decide on the basis of the price they can offer.

Trim Down the Guest List
As much as you would like to invite all of your friends or the entire neighborhood for the dinner you are hosting, this may not prove to be a wise idea. Instead, you should invite only people who you really want to spend time with. By keeping the guest list at minimum, you can find a caterer offering cheaper process since the food does not need to be a lot. Do not also forget to confirm the attendance of those who are initially part of the list.

Use Your Negotiation Skills
More often than not, the caterers will provide you with a fixed price of the services they are offering. These prices, however, are often not final. There are instances wherein they leave room for negotiation to fit with the budget of their clients. Use your wit and charm to convince the caterer to provide you with a lower price. Do not appear to be too enthusiastic. If the caterer feels that you are very much interested in their service, they will not lower their price since they will assume you will have them booked regardless of how much they charge. Let the caterer know about your options as this might pressure them to make their price more reasonable to win you as their customer.

Full Service Catering?
In some cases, you will be good even without full service catering. Full service caterers are often expensive because they offer a one-stop shop for your needs, including decors, entertainment, and servers. There are instances wherein you can hire them only for the food and take care of other things on your own. Make sure to know what exactly you need and skip the unnecessary services to save a significant amount.